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Detects and removes viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, bots, and more.
LuxoShield successfully scans, removes and blocks spyware, adware causing pop-up ads, viruses, phishing attacks, hijackers, rootkits, Trojans, bots, drive-by downloads, rogue programs, keyloggers, and much more.

True Real-time Protection
LuxoShield's Real-Time protection detects, blocks, and quarantines both known and potential spyware infections before they can attack your system and do damage. Legitimate software programs are allowed to execute freely. From the moment you start your computer, LuxoShield is working to protect you from malicious programs, so your PC is never vulnerable. Luxoshield stops threats before they stop you.


Easy to Use
LuxoShield has been specifically designed to perform effectively regardless of the user's level of computer knowledge. When your computer starts up, LuxoShield auto-starts and requires very little user interaction to provide full protection. Automatic updates and easy to find scanning and option buttons make LuxoShield the ideal protection suite.

Frequent Auto-updates
LuxoShield's Spyware / Adware Research Team sends updates as often as every day to ensure that your PC security is never compromised and protected against the latest threats. An instant update button is available for manually downloading updates for PCs that aren't always connected to the internet.

Main Features

Download Free Trial
Download Free Trial
Full Syware Remover Version

Advanced Spyware and Antivirus Engine

Detects and blocks spyware, viruses, trojan horses, worms, bots, and rootkits

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Real-Time Threat Protection

Monitors programs for suspicious behavior. If spyware or malicious programs try to start, they are stopped it dead in their tracks.

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Automatic Protection Against Spyware and Viruses

Runs automatically at startup to provide continuous protection. When new threats are detected, definition updates are released within 24 hours.

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Always the Most Current Protection

Live-updating automatically downloads the newest spyware and virus definitions directly from our online database.

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Easy-To-Use Intuitive Interface

Large intuitive buttons and simple dashboard allow you to easily update, schedule regular scans, or scan a specific file, folder, drive or device.

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Continuous Monitoring for New Threats

Scans running processes, windows registry, internet cookies, applications, and files.

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Rapid Threat Scanning

Keep using your PC as usual thanks to LuxoShield’s minimal impact on Computer Performance.

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Anti Home Page Hijack.

Protects you homepage settings so spyware authors can't direct you to their own websites infecting you with even more malicious programs.

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On Demand Full System Scanning

Easily scan your entire system any time.

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Windows Rollback Ready

LuxoShield creates a Windows System Restore point before deleting harmful files.

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Disinfect Override

Choose whether to keep or remove malware infected files that are found on your computer with one click.

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Two Full Years of Protection and Updates

Know LuxoShield will continue protecting you with new malware updates TWICE AS LONG as the competition.

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15 Day Trial

Why LuxoShield by LuxoSoft?

  • We stop attacks other security products miss.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it security works in the background and lets you focus on things you want to do. Performance improvements include faster start-up, shut-down, and scan times to minimize the impact on your PC.

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